51st General Meeting Resolutions








Pilotage is an essential public service, recognised by the EU.


 European Pilots welcome enhancements to situational awareness and efficiency brought by

new technology, provided it does not compromise safety, security, or environmental



EMPA recognizes that human factors may contribute to accidents and incidents. All

stakeholders need to address issues that increase workload, and introduce stress and

distractions, to both pilots and ships’ bridge teams at safety critical moments.


EMPA is concerned that accidents and incidents that occur with vessels conducted by PEC

holders are not investigated properly. Authorities that issue PECs, should investigate such

occurrences, in order to determine if such operations are safe, and should share lessons with

the wider maritime community so that lessons may be learnt.


EMPA believes properly regulated pilotage services contribute to environmental security.

Additionally, EMPA is committed to working with other stakeholders to explore further

environmental protection strategies to develop a sustainable maritime transport infrastructure.

The Resolution Committee



Bergen, May 12th 2017