No: 11



1. All maritime pilots shall be recruited directly from the Merchant Service.

2. Whenever a need of new pilots is felt in a pilot station, the local authority or the pilots’ brotherhood, according to the law of the country, initiates an open competition.

3. The following qualifications are required:

a) a minimum of six years of service at sea,

b) have a Foreign-Going Master certificate,

c) be physically healthy and defect-free,

d) produce evidenced of good conduct.

4. The candidates must pass a thorough medical examination with particular reference to sense of hearing, colour vision, normal eyesight with one or both eyes, heart condition.

5. The candidates complying with the qualifications of paragraph 3 shall pass a theoretical examination on the following subjects:

navigation in pilotage waters, shiphandling, maritime laws, other pilotage-related subjects.

Candidates must have a good working knowledge of the English language.

6. The maritime authority concerned shall set up an examination panel. One or more pilots of the station concerned must be members of the panel.

7. The candidates are classed by the panel according to the results of the examination and their maritie antecedents.

8. The successful candidates shall be engaged by the station trainees. They work with licenced pilots and may perform acts of pilotage under the responsibility of licensed pilots. During the apprenticeship period the trainees receive an adequate remuneration by the station that employs them.

9. After a period not exceeding twelve months the trainee shall pass an examination on the practical aspects of pilotage in that particular station.

10. The maritime authority concerned shall grant the certificate of competency to the pilots after the examination mentioned in paragraph 9.

11. A successful candidate would be expected to spend defined periods of time piloting restricted tonnage in accordance with local byelaws.

12. All pilots would be expected to keep themselves informed of technological and other changes affecting piloting techniques. In particular they would be expected to follow refresher courses at the expenses of the station.

13. All pilots will have to undergo medical examinations at regular intervals.

14. IMO Resolution A.960 and EU Directives must be followed.

AGM - Marseilles, May 11th 1979 and AGM - Rotterdam, May 14th, 1982

Rev 06/07 REV 03/15