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The President and the Board wish to inform you that Captain Dirk Vael has announced his resignation as Secretary General of EMPA, effective as of the 1st of October 2017

IMPA Reception  the 2nd of March 2016

IMPA Reception 2016

On 2nd of March 2016, Sec. General Dirk Vael attended the IMPA reception at HQS Wellington.


Article Transportation Safety Board of Canada 09022016_001


Article Transportation Safety Board of Canada

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Amsterdam Football Tournament

On 15th of May 2015 the annual Empa tournament was held in Amsterdam.

Under perfect weather conditions the teams were divided in two poules of six teams from all over Europe.



Presentations of EMPA general meeting 2015

The presentations of the EMPA  49th annual general meeting 2015 are now online.


Port Policy **update**

On the 5th of May 2015, the Transports and Tourism (TRAN) Committee of the European Parliament should start the examination of the Port Services Regulation, presented by the European Commission on May 23rd, 2013. This proposal introduces the application of the “freedom of services” principle to ports services, including pilotage.


Pilotage in Denmark

Source: DMA

New measures for a more efficient pilotage market 

The pilotage act has been amended in order to make the pilotage market more efficient. As a follow-up on the amendments, the Danish Maritime Authority issues new regulations.

USCG Safety Alert on hull magnets

Click here to read the USCG Safety alert on hull magnets

Going Local

Click Here for an interesting article about the use of local language in tug operations - is English always the best option?

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Security measures to prevent Ebola virus

Click Here for the Full and effective implementation of maritime security measures to assist in preventing the spread of the Ebola virus disease

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IMO circular regarding Ebola virus

Click here for information regarding the Ebola virus issued by the International Maritime Organisation


Parliament expected to pass pilot act today

Parliament expected to pass pilot act today

Critics warn bill will endanger marine environment and not necessarily lower prices 

How sure can ships be in the future that their pilot really knows what he's doing?
by Nanna G Vansteelant (source: The Copenhagen Post)




Ships have been plying the world’s oceans for thousands of years; Mesopotamia is believed to be one of the earliest civilizations to spread trade through the known world via ships. Navigating ships across a sea, however, was entirely separate from entering confined channels, fairways and harbors where the already risk filled enterprise became nearly impossible to complete without mishap or disaster. This was due to the fact that the captain of the ship most certainly did not have nearly enough expertise in any number of the local harbors and waterways where trade required the ship go.This immediately lead captains of trading vessels to seek out local mariners (usually fishermen) to assist them in bringing the ship safely into harbor, thus the job of pilot entered into the ancient world. Certainly the Babylonian’s had codified laws relating to Pilots and Piloting. The first laws governing European pilotage are believed to be from the rein of King Richard I of England in the late 1100’s. So it continued through the great Ottoman, Venetian, etc. empires to the present day.


Press Release Voyage Data Recorders

PRESS RELEASE 28 March 2014:

EMPA adopts resolution about the use of Voyage Data Recordings 

The European Maritime Pilots’ Association (EMPA) represents about 5.000 maritime pilots from 25 European countries.

In cooperation with the Nautical Institute, EMPA on Friday the 28th of March organized a seminar about the use of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR’s) in the maritime industry. Key speakers from accident investigation agencies, the airline industry, maritime insurance, maritime pilots and maritime lawyers discussed the current practice in the use of VDR data.